The Earthquake, Your Journey from Setback to Breakthrough

The Earthquake, Your Journey from Setback to Breakthrough

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Personal catastrophes are like an earthquake: they leave us too shaken to know what to do next, afraid that every step we take might spark another upheaval. But we can learn to resist our human instinct to hide from challenges. In this entertaining modern-day fable, Vince Poscente introduces us to the well-intentioned, conscious ant and the habitually fearful, subconscious elephant as seismic destruction changes their world and ultimately forces them to leave their oasis.

What Adir the ant and Elgo the elephant learn—and what you’ll learn by journeying with them—is the linear path they used to reach the oasis in The Ant and the Elephant does not work in the chaos after an earthquake. How can they break through and thrive after a life-altering setback?

The breakthrough answer lies in the “Solution Loop,” a tool that teaches them to use collaboration, curiosity, and creativity to:

  • Reframe dark times as illuminating experiences
  • Resist the impulse to go it alone
  • Find fresh perspectives
  • Seek a path where you can enjoy the journey

Based on Poscente’s study of practices such as decoding human behavior, the neuroscience of performance, and interpersonal dysfunction around fear, The Earthquake is an accessible and eye-opening read. It’s for anyone looking to find your way to sustained hope and away from the messy and debilitating challenges caused by devastation, for specific solutions to the setback you’re currently facing, or to help others bounce back from their personal earthquake.