Accelerate Business Growth with Ant & Elephant Workshop-in-a-Box

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Accelerate "Business Growth" Program!  

Lead a simple to use, highly interactive training workshop with your team, department, downline or entire organization

Business growth with The Ant and the Elephant Workshop-in-a-Box is a powerful program. It includes an instructional Facilitator Guide, five Participant Guides (additional guides are available to purchase separately), PowerPoint presentation, hardcover book, Keynote DVD, Gold Dot Starter Kit and a special bonus Mouse Pad. The kit will equip you with the necessary knowledge base and tools to lead an intact team or work-group to an understanding of the power of leading aligned teams.




The Ant and The Elephant Workshop-in-a-Box is a turn-key 2-4 hour workshop module you can use in any sized group. It’s based on the reality that before anyone can reach their full potential as a leader, they must first be a leader of self. They must capitalize on innate talents and strengths, challenge the habits that hinder growth and manage the fears and negative emotions that frequently keep them from realizing their goals. Then, it's a short step to team alignment when everyone knows where they are going and why.

Learn the 5 step action plan that will transform personal and workplace performance!

Based on the best selling book, The Ant and the Elephant, this self-facilitated workshop is ideal for in-house training for teams, departments or the entire organization. The turn-key program provides the foundation and tools to master leadership of the self and leading teams. Participants will:

  • Prioritize their patterns and themes
  • Identify their values
  • Define and make actionable their goals
  • Eliminate negative thought and fear patterns
  • Understand the 5 C’s to enhance performance (clarity, commitment, consistency, confidence and control)

Align the power of the conscious and subconscious 

and you direct kinetic energy in any team.