Summit Pledge + Heroes Climb Speech for Your Staff

Summit Pledge + Heroes Climb Speech for Your Staff

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This is an offer to inspire your staff in a unique and personal way. My name is Isabella Poscente and I have an idea that is an investment in your company and your employees. 

On June 8th, I will leave on a Himalayan expedition to reach the summit of an unnamed peak as part of the Heroes Climb expedition. We are training hard for this 16,000 foot summit.

Expeditions don’t happen in isolation. It takes a team.

This is an invitation for you to join our team.

There are two optional parts to the offer.

Part 1 - On the summit, the air will be thin as we proudly hold your flag. Our team will sign your flag. Then we will give you a summit photograph and the actual flag that represented your great company. Plus, we will give you the story of the "everyday hero" we have named the mountain after. 

I will,

  • Give you the signed flag.
  • Give you an 8”x10” photo
  • Add this quote to motivate those who walk your halls.

You gain strength, courage and confidence 

by every experience in which you really

stop and look fear in the face.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Part 2 - I have asked my Speaker Hall of Fame dad to join me as we present a 30-45 minute Heroes Climb Presentation to your staff. My dad wrote a book called The Heroes Climb and we will talk about how we named the mountain after an everyday hero. We will talk about the leadership and team qualities of Compassion, Humility, Selflessness, Fearlessness and Persistence. Everyone will get a pdf copy of The Heroes Climb .

Here is a short video like the one we will share as part of our presentation.

This can be a Lunch and Learn or a Special Presentation that fits all our schedules.

I’ve earned some funds through a part-time job and babysitting. I need to raise the balance and meet my commitment to pay for my expedition fee.

Here is where you come in:

$350 to get just Part 1... the signed summit flag and photo.

$750 for Part 1 and Part 2 (the flag/photo + the speech for your staff)

NOTE: There are only 6 presentation slots available. First come, first served.

Because the expedition is soon, would you be able to join our team ASAP with the offer listed above?

Thank you!!!

Isabella Poscente

PS. When you make your pledge, email me your company logo (EPS version) to

PPS. Some sponsors choose to pledge $100 for just a signed photo from the summit. If that is in your budget, please email me this request and I'll make it happen.