3 Month Keynote Coaching Program

3 Month Keynote Coaching Program

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-        Build your professional speaking practice.

-        Accelerate traction in the marketplace = bookings.

-        Refine your messaging.

-        Target quality referrals.

-        Impact bottom line results.


-       Our goal is for you to realize a minimum 10-fold return on investment.

-        Increase number of referrals after a presentation.

-        Shorten the learning curve in the keynote speaking business.

-        Improve the stories that you currently tell and target new stories of yours.


-        Build on your distinct value proposition (DVP) that is unique in the marketplace.

-        Speech title, opening and closing that are unforgettable.

-        Content that is innovative and counter intuitive relative to your own stories.

-        Speech structure and design that translates into referrals.

-        Video analysis to polish your content and message.

-        Stories that sync with your DVP.

-        In depth consulting and personalized insights into creating your demo video that will get you booked.

-        When you’re ready for the bureaus, introductions and key contacts across the US.

-        Business operations that maximize time and effort specific to the speaking business.

-        Three coaching sessions per month – minimum one hour per regarding business development.

-        Unlimited email support.

-        Access to VPI Word docs relative to speech logistics (contracts, bio’s, intro’s).


-        90 day commitment.

-        $9,000 at the beginning of each 90 days of coaching


If you're new to public speaking, please join Toastmasters. Get good first!

If you are good and consider yourself a professional speaker, join the National Speakers Association. Get better!

If you are an expert speaker but know you're missing mark, then let's talk.

After 23 years of speaking professionally, induction into the speaker halls of fame in the USA and Canada and NY Times bestselling books the coaching I am offering Keynote Mastery to select few people. Speaking is a competitive business! The formula that I used to go from recreational skier to the Olympics in four years, followed by the milestones listed above, will be used to create fast results for you!