Mental Skills for The Invinceable Athlete

Mental Skills for The Invinceable Athlete

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 Invinceable ATHLETE Kit 

Knowing what it takes to win for athletes is straight forward. Learning HOW to win is the big question.

The Invinceable Athlete Kit will coach you through the "what" and more importantly the "how's" of accomplishing extraordinary things in sports.

First you will be drawn into a fellow athlete's underdog story that will leave you with a 5C strategy for exceptional outcomes. Vince Poscente (Olympian and Peak Performance Strategist) will share with you the five critical steps of:

  1. Clarity of Vision: Learn why some goals never materialize and how to change that. Clarity means there's an emotional buzz - an emotional connection to the athlete's sport.
  2. Commitment: Find out why 100% commitment is the only option and how to live it.
  3. Consistency: In the competitive world we live in, it is essential to embrace a winning mindset. Discover how to do what the competition is NOT WILLING TO DO.
  4. Confidence breeds success. Confidence comes from experience. But what if we don't have previous experience given the tougher competition we seem to face? Vince will give you the key to this mystery so you can succeed beyond your own expectations.
  5. Control: We cannot control our game, but we CAN control what we bring to the game. Learn Olympic caliber routines that you can use prior to your race run (READ competition or game day...) Within all these materials you will draw from the exact lessons Poscente used to go from recreational skier to the Olympic gold medal finals in just four years. Best of all, experience why his hilarious anecdotes, his inspiring stories and his take-home content had Vince Poscente recently inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame.


ONE - The 2 CDs are designed for specifically for athletes to take their 'game' to the next level. Every athlete has a deep desire to excel and achieve maximum performance in their sport. But not every athlete has the tools to ensure success. The Invinceable Athlete Kit gives you essential high performance strategies that you can implement today and see immediate results. Vince Poscente’s 5C formula will give you a distinct competitive advantage and virtually eliminate the dreaded "choke." The Invinceable Athlete will help you unlock the keys to increasing your talent in your sport.

TWO - The DVD is great for viewing individually or as a team. It is a motivating tour de force that you will not likely forget.

THREE - The Gold Dot Starter Kit is a critical element of anyone's desire to clarify their direction in their sport.

FOUR - The Ant and The Elephant: Leadership for the Self is a book that will change how you approach your athletic goals. The Ant is a metaphor for the conscious mind. The elephant is the relative size of the subconscious mind. Consciously you say you want to win. BUT... is your elephantine subconscious mind pointed in the same direction? Use this book as a resource to achieve extraordinary results in sport.

FIVE - The Mousepad is a constant reminder that "extraordinary efforts produce extraordinary outcomes."

The Invinceable Athlete Kit is suitable for athletes 12 years of age and older. Even the adult "Weekend Warriors" will see their game improve.