Invinceable Sales Audio Download - BIG SALES GOALS in Less Time

Invinceable Sales Audio Download - BIG SALES GOALS in Less Time

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Do you have BIG SALES GOALS? Would you like to reach them in less time? Vince Poscente’s 5C formula will give you a practical, competitive advantage to reach your BIG GOALS in Short Order. Invinceable Sales will reveal the keys to increasing your skills as a sales person and top producer. 

The program is split into two immensely powerful digital audio programs the 10 ten tracks, Vince will coach you on the 5Cs. On the Experiential Deep Relaxation track, you will literally "change your mind" about what BIG SALES GOALS you can picture having.

The 5C program is:

  • Clarity of Vision - Define the vision you have for your sales career. Where do you see yourself? How might you apply stretch goals in a more congruent and authentic way? Have Vince Poscente coach you on the best way to clarify your vision for the future you want and deserve.
  • Commitment - After a clear vision, commitment is a major stumbling block for salespeople. Yes, sales people want to reach big sales targets but most salespeople get in their own way. Vince will coach you on getting past the commitment blocks you have. Change your commitment and you change your life.
  • Consistency - Here we go again. So the vision is clear. The commitment is there. Then the consistent effort might fall off the edge of the cliff. OR There is consistent effort but it is effort that's not producing the results you want. Either way, you get frustrated. You procrastinate. You avoid the elephant in the room. CONSISTENCY. In this module, Vince coaches you on the competitive strategies that took him from recreational skier to top ten in the world in ski racing in just a couple of years. How smart you approach consistency will be how fast you reach your BIG SALES GOALS.
  • Confidence - Does it ever end? You have the vision, the commitment, the consistency yet your confidence is shaken by a slump or grumpy prospect. You seem to be doing everything right but your lack of confidence is holding you back. UGH. Cue bugles. Vince Poscente rides to the rescue in this module to show you peak performance strategies to have supreme confidence every time you sell your product of service. Every time you get up in the morning. Every time you look at the bookings board. Every time you look at your numbers. After this module you'll have the tools to create confidence.
  • Control - This module is designed to give you a strategy for the BEST sales call every time you meet a prospect. Peak performance for an athlete, musician or salesperson is always the same. Set yourself up for the best YOU, you bring to the table. You can't control what happens in your environment but you can control what you bring to the environment. Hence, use this module to control your sales performance.

The final track is a deep relaxation program designed to create a permanent shift in any self-limiting beliefs you have around money, success, deservability, happiness and fulfillment. Sales can be a stressful of taxing profession. What if sales set you free? This is what the experiential deep relaxation audio in Invinceable Sales is designed to do. SET YOU FREE!

The investment in this program is a few dollars. 

The return on your investment can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this program now!