ELEPHantPOWER self-paced Mobile Coaching with Vince Poscente

ELEPHantPOWER self-paced Mobile Coaching with Vince Poscente

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It is time to stop playing small! You are invited to join the ELEPHantPOWER Mobile Coaching Program (see example module bottom). It is an expert online training where you will be coached to reach your big goals in short order, and at your own pace! Join us and be the architect of your life. You will experience a program that Will Produce Exceptional Results:

  • How You Can Use the exact strategy that took me from recreational skier, to the Olympics in four years,
  • How You Can Employ the identical formula I used to go from unknown speaker, to inductee into the speaker halls of fame in both Canada and USA (with the likes of Ronald Reagan, Og Mandino, Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar),
  • How You Can Leverage the program that helped me ascend into #1 bestseller status on The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and also as a New York Times bestselling author. 

**PLEASE NOTE - when you sign up, and you are asked for a phone number - please include your MOBILE number in that field. That way, you can participate in this unique mobile device experience!

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You know I'm all about speed and pacing. This means you will not only be part of an accelerated coaching program, but you will also be coached to pace yourself in a persistent fashion. This is your time to embrace the goals and results you've been avoiding, ignoring, missing, or just plain unable to reach. I have put hundreds of hours in designing a VIRTUAL coaching program with a group coaching twist. Over the course of 28 days you will see the following:

1. An instant coaching reminder via text and email. Each message is designed to encourage you to pop in, get coached and then carry on with your day - inspired, motivated and clear on next steps.

2. A video link from my studio to your eyeballs. Each video link is meant to be less than 2 minutes and correlates specifically to the lesson at hand.

3. Retention material to back up the video PLUS a points for a quiz. You've watched an explanation video. Now, did you retain the information? If you are a bit foggy on the answers, read the back-up information or rewatch the video and make sure it all sinks in.

4. We track your points. You will know how well you are doing relative to other participants. We have "gamified"ELEPHantPOWER Mobile Coaching so you can feel the love. Plus, if you are in this quarter's top 10, you will get a free digital copy of Invinceable Principles, Essential Tools for Life Mastery. In addition to the points, you will have the benefit of 10,000 hours of research distilled into bite size chunks of personal growth. 


Here is what others say about this program:






"These lessons really stick. I was able to create bigger goals and improve my self-confidence. I now have a platform to build on going forward. At work I focus on achieving better performance that leads to better results." Bret Messer, CPM - Property Manager Asset Services Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors  




Compared to other coaching programs I've taken, this was more intense and required a daily commitment and accountability with my co-workers.   It was very engaging and thought provoking. I was able to identify my self-doubt and move forward. I have control! Judy Nitzinger, Vice President CBCA






























Here is what you will receive:

ELEPHantPOWER Virtual Coaching with Vince Poscente

28 Lesson Challenge

  • Vince is your coach throughout the program
  • Direct and Easy access with "Mobile Coaching"
  • Quick Video Coaching Lessons (approx 2 min each)
  • Retention tools to ensure you "Get what you want."
  • Points to measure your progress and win Invinceable Principles

Vince Poscente delivers expert online training to people wanting to reach their goals in a short period of time. 

Imagine getting frequent, powerful lessons as Vince coaches you towards your dream goals and objectives. Here is an example module from Day 16:

ELEPHantPOWER Virtual Coaching with Vince Poscente


Module 16 Video

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 11.03.19 AM.png

We live in a world obsessed with instant gratification. It stands to reason a living thing will become a product of the environment it is in. Hence, if you know you have the ability to delay gratification, you are to be applauded. But we all have an undeniable tide pushing for faster and faster results. This may explain the increasing overwhelm with all we have to get everything done in a day. Overlay this with a shorter patience fuse. If we don’t see results, we get frustrated.

This module is a metaphor for patience and delayed gratification towards reaching your oasis.

For grins, let’s say your elephant buzz dream is to have a bucket of blue water. You start with a clear, 5,000 gallon bucket and a vial of blue dye. You are only allowed to put one drop of dye in the bucket per day. If you miss a day, you cannot catch up with two drops the next day. Each day you drop the dye in the bucket you will not be able to discern the bucket getting more blue than clear.

In a world of instant gratification, we will tend to get bored with the “blue dye strategy” because we cannot tell it is working. The moral of this metaphor is to stay the course. Do not give up on your consistent efforts. They will pay off.

One day, your proverbial bucket goal will turn a rich, satisfying ‘blue.’


When you put each drop of blue dye in the 5,000 gallon bucket you will not be able to discern the bucket getting a deeper blue. True or False

Optional Homework:

Teach someone you love the metaphor about he bucket of blue water. (When you teach you truly learn the intricacies and merits of an idea or approach.) Completed (Y/N)

Remember to keep your homework in a special section on your smart phone or personal computer. Keep this document for you to refer to at a later time.

Take Care,


Vince Poscente

Olympian, Adventurer, NY Times Bestselling Author and Speaker Hall of Fame (Canada and USA)