Creating Your Optimum Body - Audio DOWNLOAD

Creating Your Optimum Body - Audio DOWNLOAD

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Creating Your Optimum Body is a program designed to guide you through the steps and changes necessary to achieve your weight-loss goals once and for all.

This extraordinary conversation with Vince Poscente and Helen Davis, Diet - Not Just a Four Letter Word reveal the secrets for achieving your weight-loss and fitness goals. Coupled with Vince's proven success formula, you will learn strategic plans and tools necessary for creating your optimum body. Monitor your progress on the following (copyrighted) Peak Performance Zone Map.

 This two-part program. The first section is designed to: 

  • explore all the reasons why you may be struggling with weight or fitness
  • look at the ways you're off-balance in how you approach your health
  • assess your commitment to health on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • improve your health by establishing your confidence and control

The second section is a deep relaxation program that:

  • is designed to quite simply "change your mind" regarding limiting beliefs and self-destructive behavior 
  • will dive into the subconscious blocks you have around personal health and eventually cause a shift to better fitness and optimum weight
  • targets clarity on what your optimum body is to you, commitment to yourself and others, consistent progress, confident steps from today forward and control what you bring to your world
  • takes you on a deep relaxation routine first thing in the morning and just before you go to sleep for the next 21 days
  • create new attitudes and truths you have about what you want - and deserve in life.

After Vince Poscente went from a recreational skier to the Olympic Winter Games in just four years, he realized his BIG GOALS in short order program applied to much more than just sports. After a failed first marriage he sought out answers to what he might do the next time around. Meeting the psychotherapist and author of Taming Your Gremlins, Rick Carson, Vince realized he could couple his peak performance strategies with the confusing relationship landscape. Partnering with Rick, Vince developed a life changing product that is simple to use, takes up minimal time and has a profound impact.

If you're ready for a change in your life for more balance, quality relationships and overall happiness - order your own copy of Creating Peace of Mind now.

Vince Poscente travels the world delivering powerful opening keynotes and practical insight on reaching BIG GOALS in Short Order. Awarded the highest honors a professional speaker can be bestowed, alongside his New York Times bestselling book, The Age of Speed and The Ant and the Elephant, Vince is literally impacting the lives of 1000's of people just like you. His signature wit and wisdom translate into an unforgettable experience for audiences and readers alike. More information about Vince Poscente can be found at